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Student Information
The North Carolina Student Information System (SIS) is the official Home Base application used statewide by the Public Schools of North Carolina. It houses all aspects of student data including demographics, grades, attendance, etc. One of its many great features is the Parent Portal module that gives parents and students access to grades and teacher assignments via online.
NC SIS, implemented in the summer of 2013, is the first of many new applications linked together under the Home Base system. Once completed, the Home Base platform will comprise the Student Information System and the Instructional Improvement System.

PowerSchool, the product which is used as North Carolina's Student Information System, is an electronic student accounting system, an Internet-based software package that provides student and school information management capabilities. Data are stored centrally and accessed and reported in a safe, secure manner across the Internet. PowerSchool supports the data analysis and reporting requirements of education initiatives such as the North Carolina’s ABCs of Public Education accountability program, and Closing the Achievement Gap. PowerSchool offers unprecedented opportunities for local educators to use technology to help them make better instructional and business decisions in their schools.

Student Transfers

2 months ago

Student Transfer Request Information

Policy Code: 4130 Discretionary Admission

Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, Granville County Schools will be closed to all new out-of-county students.  This includes siblings of currently enrolled out-of-district students.

Permanent, full-time employees of Granville County Schools who live outside the county may continue to apply for their children to attend Granville County Schools and the payment of tuition will be waived in accordance with GCSB Policy 4135, Tuition for Discretionary Admissions.

Students from districts outside of Granville County who were attending school in Granville County prior to the 2013-2014 school year may continue to apply for out-of-county admission each year following guidelines set forth in the Admission Criteria below and if the payment of tuition is made in full prior to enrollment.   Tuition will be charged in the amount of $3,000.00 per student annually.

The following documents are to be completed if you are requesting a transfer for your child based on one of the following reasons:

  • Your child was granted permission to transfer to a Granville County Public School other than the one they would have attended based on your property address.

  • Your child was granted permission to attend an Elementary School of Choice (Magnet School).  This request will be to attend the middle school in the feeder pattern of the Elementary School of Choice the student is currently attending.

  • Your child is the child of a Permanent Granville County Public School employee who lives in Granville County

  • Your child is the child of a Permanent Granville County Public School employee who lives outside of Granville County.

  • Your child is requesting permission to transfer out the the Granville County Public School district to attend a school in another county

Please make sure you have completed the correct form in its entirety and submitted it to the Granville County Public School Superintendent's office by no later than Thursday, June 15, 2017.

After completing the request, please allow at least 14 business days for a written response.

If you have any questions concerning student transfers or which form you should complete contact:

L. Russell Dixon

919-693-4613  ext:  101216

By Russell Dixon