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Volunteer Program

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering in Granville County Public Schools. Our schools value volunteers and their contributions to enhance the programs and services provided for students. Volunteers are important members of our GCPS community and help our professional staff sustain effective learning environments, enrich the education and experiences of students and build critical partnerships to increase achievement for all students.





Step 1:  Click on the following link to register using our Volunteer Tracker System, then fill out the GCPS Volunteer Application. 


App-garden GCPS Volunteer Tracker



Step 2: Please read and become familiar with the Volunteer Handbook Here .



Once the application is reviewed and training has been verified, volunteers may be placed by schools and offices, according to identified needs in order to perform tasks that support our established goals. 


Goals of the GCPS Volunteer Program:

  • Expand parental involvement and engagement strategies to meet the unique needs of all families in the school communities.
  • Acknowledge parents and community members as important partners in the education of all students.
  • Strengthen the relationship between schools and parents, guardians and community stakeholders through meaningful service opportunities.
  • Support teachers and staff with the implementation of curriculum and school programs.
  • Utilize the knowledge and skills of volunteers to promote student achievement.
  • Offer direct support to students needing additional assistance with assigned tasks.
  • Assist school staff and students with extra-curricular activities, afterschool programs and fundraising opportunities.
  • Provide supervision and direction for students while participating in off-campus learning experiences (field trips).



Types of Volunteer Activities:

  • Classroom Assistant - assisting teachers and students with classrooms activities
  • Academic Tutoring
  • School PTA Councils
  • Parent Advisory Councils
  • Music and Sports Booster Programs
  • Field-trip Chaperones
  • After School Activities
  • Student Mentoring
  • Career Awareness - speaking to students about career pathways and opportunities
  • Clerical/Office/Library


For more information or assistance, please contact Sarah Moss : 919 693-4613 or


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